The mission

We are driven to become the best version of ourselves.

We are selfless in our pursuit to uplift, inspire, and motivate.

We seek discomfort and persevere through mediocrity.

We demonstrate the power of mindset.

We are Optimal Gains.


Let's fix the common misconceptions of gym culture.

Simplify the process to achieving dreams.

Lend a hand to those in need.

Empower others with the strength of mind.

Provide perspectives that could change the trajectory of someone's life.

Bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

Optimal Gains

A community driven by mindset, working to achieve the best version of ourselves. We strive to uplift, inspire, and motivate those around us.

We bring awareness to our mindset and mental well-being to thrive in life and fitness. Limits only exist in our minds. We push the boundaries on our physical limitations to callus our mental strength and improve our quality of life.

Thank you for spreading the mission, for living by the message, and for each individually lighting a path of positivity.

It's not about the clothes.

It's about the message,

It's about the lifestyle,

It's about the community.

It is our goal to give each individual piece of clothing it's own message & meaning;

relating back to It's a Mindset.