We are constantly looking to expand our team with more like-minded individuals. Through our search for new members, we are looking for individuals who understand fitness beyond the physical aspect. This includes people that take into account the mental capabilities provided as a result through physical fitness.Our slogan, “It’s a mindset” holds high value to our brand because of its simplistic, yet effective reminder that YOU are in charge of your own mind and life.It is our goal to build a community that desires to optimize their human potential. We want to build a community that is going to inspire, motivate, and build each other up. Our community will be driven by a mindset that establishes, “I am in control”.Our community will know and believe that life itself is driven by our mindset.

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The Creators/Entrepreneurs of OG Fitness             


My name is Micah Chavez and I am from Aurora, Colorado. I went to Grandview High School, where I primarily played football. My passion for weight training was initially sparked my junior year of high school. I needed to put on at least 25 pounds for my senior season, so that offseason I trained each and every day. I learned so much about my body and this addiction for the gym was just beginning to develop. I made the hard decision to quit playing football entering my first year at Colorado Mesa University and just focus on my academics. I had no idea what to do with my spare time, and it was at this time that I was driven to spend more time in the gym. I replaced my passion for football with weight training in order better myself. I love all sports and still train to compete each and every day. It wasn’t until my third semester of college that I changed my major from accounting to fitness and health promotion, in hopes to motivate all of those around me. I am still just beginning my fitness journey and encourage all to join!    


My name is Drew Mendez, I grew up in the small town of La Salle in northern Colorado, I graduated high school from Greeley West where I played tennis, baseball, and wrestled. I moved to Grand Junction, Colorado in 2017 to start school at Colorado Mesa University. I went in with an undeclared major just focusing on my academics. It wasn’t until I was tired of being “the skinny guy” that I started going to the gym. I couldn’t believe how quickly I began to fall in love with it and my passion for fitness began to blossom. I became super interested in everything fitness related. I eventually declared my major to be Exercise Science where I continually learn how the human body works and how to make it perform to its best ability and progress as a whole. My fitness journey has shown and given me true happiness and I hope to help you find that happiness along your journey and fall in love like I did through your own passions.      

Our Mission Statement

Optimal Gains, a movement to help others achieve the best form of themselves and live the life they deserve. We are not limited to bodybuilding nor any specific sport training. Fitness is a universal word that goes beyond "working out". We want to thrive in every aspect of physical activity; Whether it be sport training, calisthenics, weight training, hiking, or even skateboarding. We hope to support and motivate everyones individual passions.

We believe in working to achieve human optimization in which you unfold your bodies full potential. We welcome anyone to join the movement, while we strive to better ourselves along with those around us. 

Our Motto

It's a Mindset. The motto that should be practiced consistently. Your day-to-day mindset dictates your attitude entering each and every day. With a mindset driven by positivity, you will never truly fail, only learn. We believe that it is important to consciously remind yourself of your purpose in order to perform at your best. Your mind is a powerful tool and utilizing it correctly can lead you to endless possibilities.